Atomic Design for Developers: Better Component Composition and Organization

A practical guide to developing component based sites and apps around the Atomic Design methodology.

Why isn't the npm link command working?

I don't know, this thing's complicated! Understanding more about what's going on under the hood and looking at some common issues may help.

How to Configure Azure AD B2C Authentication with Next.js

Configuring authentication with Azure B2C in Next.js is not a particularly straight forward process. We'll look at how to facilitate this using the NextAuth.js library.

Next.js Setup & Config for Testing, Linting, and Absolute Imports

A comprehensive step-by-step guide to configuring Jest, React Testing Library, ESLint, and Path Aliases in a Next.js project.

Creating a React Component Library by Abstracting a React Component Library

Using Rollup, Babel, and React we’ll look at why & how you might abstract a third-party component library to create your own component library.