5 Strategies for Understanding Tech Jargon

Don't let jargon fuel your imposter syndrome! The people saying things you don't understand probably have no idea what they're saying either.

How to Think in Next.js

Understanding your client is important in any relationship. Now you also have to understand your server.

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A highly opinionated set of rules, based on Atomic Design principles, to make sure your components stay organized.

Atomic Design for Developers: Better Component Composition and Organization

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I don't know, this thing's complicated! Understanding more about what's going on under the hood and looking at some common issues may help.

How to Configure Azure AD B2C Authentication with Next.js

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Next.js Setup | ESLint Jest React Testing Library and Absolute Imports

A comprehensive step-by-step guide to configuring Jest, React Testing Library, ESLint, and Absolute Path Aliases in a Next.js project.

Creating a React Component Library by Abstracting a React Component Library

Using Rollup, Babel, and React we’ll look at why & how you might abstract a third-party component library to create your own component library.

Share state between screens with custom navigators in React Navigation

Expose your React Navigation navigators for simple state sharing between any child screens in React Native.